Emblematic shops: an essential asset for the reactivation of urban commercial spaces

The creation of economic activity in municipalities is one of the most important factors for promoting local commerce. The promotion of measures to strengthen urban commercial areas in cities is essential if they need their commerce to act as a reference point for progress and economic development.

The economic reactivation of any urban space is the result of a wide range of subjects including accessibility, the structure and image of the urban space, etc.

Yet, the promotion of actions that involve the creation of unique elements in this urban space is, one of the areas that is particularly relevant. Also, one of the most important and unique element is the emblematic shops.

The IDI has made this point very clear from the beginning. That is why he has made a firm commitment to create a project that highlights the island’s emblematic shops.

But, how do we know when a commercial establishment is emblematic or unique? How should we work to preserve the lifelong commercial establishments that maintain their unique proximity in our urban spaces?

There is probably no single answer to all these questions because commerce is an inherent part of the identity of each area and therefore, has different characteristics depending on its environment.

At the same time, the absence of a rigorous definition of what emblematic establishments are makes it difficult to establish a processes and a mechanisms to protect commerce as cultural heritage.

Thus, a commercial establishment can be considered emblematic in the following cases:

Craft production and manufacturing processes: the activity and production processes and craft techniques that this may develop may lead to a shop being considered emblematic.

The generation framework: the generation of the business and the period of time in which it has developed its commercial activity can be synonymous with a unique business, either because of its years in operation or because of the generation to which it currently belongs.

The link to the area: the marketing of special and unique products, linked to the area in some way. This element may also be likely to have emblematic establishments.

Architectural heritage: finally, the fact that an establishment is located in an emblematic building or space can lead to it being considered an emblematic establishment.

Therefore, the IDI is strongly focused on promoting emblematic commerce and, at the same time, it is committed to the preservation, modernisation and reactivation of the municipalities of the Balearic Islands and their commercial and economic fabric. Now more than ever is the time to work for the commerce of our municipalities.

Oriol Cesena