The history of a land and its people can also be explained through its shops and, above all, through the people who run them, families who have maintained the business until the present day. Emblemàtics de les Illes Balears is a journey through these traditional businesses that contribute to the uniqueness of urban spaces and, in short of municipalities.

Through this website you will discover the shops that live on in the collective memory of the people and that have contributed to the economy, culture and living history of their municipality. There are thousands of personal stories that make up a business: generational change, recovered trades, family stories that we know thanks to the involvement and generosity of their owners and workers, who open the doors of their business to us. Thank you very much to all of them!

We invite you to visit each and every one of the shops through this website, as well as in person, where you will feel welcome and at home.


The Project

The Emblemàtics de les Illes Balears project, promoted by the ADR Balears, was born out of the need to protect local commercial activity and, more specifically, that of the most traditional establishments in the municipalities. One of the objectives of this project is to publicise the uniqueness of each town through its emblematic establishments.

The town councils are responsible for identifying and cataloguing their shops according to the criteria agreed with the ADR Balears. Thus, a shop can have different categories:


A commercial establishment that carries out a singular activity, or offers a product, service or trade that is different and traditional to the territory.


Establishment that has maintained the same commercial activity for 75 years or more. Exceptionally, shops that are more than 50 years old may also be considered.


Shops with protected heritage elements included in the Municipal Urban Development Plan (POUM). Similarly, interior and exterior elements that, although not listed, have a significant architectural or heritage value, are also taken into account. In addition, immaterial value is also included for establishments that present events or historical and social facts relevant to the municipality.


Shops meeting the three previous categories, i.e.: it is a well-established business, with history and heritage.