Merceria Ca na Verda

Historic Heritage

Merceria Ca na Verda


Toni Melis and Catalina Galmés opened the door of the Ca na Verda haberdashery for the first time in 1955. The name of the shop came from the nickname by which Catalina’s father was known, en Verd, and it was Catalina herself who learned to embroider when she was very young. Just after she married Toni Melis, he left the countryside and they decided to open the business, which is well known throughout the municipality of Manacor and the surrounding area.

Today, Ca na Verda is run by Pedro Barceló and Margalida Melis, grandnephew and niece of the founder. One of Catalina’s sisters died very young and the couple took care of her children. The current owner grew up in the shop, as it was part of the same family home.

Until ten years ago, in addition to the sale of fabrics and all types of haberdashery, the shop also embroidered: Majorcan stitch, encaixades, sheets, curtains, etc. Interestingly, in the summer, embroidery used to be done in the street and this art was taught to young people.


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