Can Andreuet


Can Andreuet

Can Andreuet is a shop that sells groceries and agricultural products located in a country house. The space maintains the same layout as when the Ferrer family opened the business in 1965. At the moment, the second generation runs the business.

They specialise in traditional Ibizan products, such as bread crusts, sobrassada or pastries like orelletes and flaó. But you can also find seasonal fruit and vegetables from the Can Andreuet farm itself, animal feed, ceramics and any other food product.

Even now, in the slaughter season, many people buy products like tripe, spices, salt, etc. Loyal customers return to Can Andreuet every year for the personalised treatment they receive when buying for slaughter purposes. The spicy aroma of sobrassada that you smell when you enter the shop makes you feel as if time had come to a standstill.

Can Andreuet is not just a shop but also a meeting point for shoppers to find time for a chat (la xerradeta) and say hello.

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