Cooperativa d’Artà


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Cooperativa d’Artà


The Artà Cooperative is a non-profit agricultural cooperative that was founded in 1979 and represents the union of the municipality’s peasant workers. The founding members were mostly retired farmers, and today their children and grandchildren continue. It has about 70 members with voting rights and about 150 collaborating members. The main objective since its opening has been the promotion of the local primary sector.

The Cooperative’s shop sells seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as other Km 0 products, such as oils, liqueurs, cheeses, sobrasadas, jams, dried fruit and nuts, honey, wines, biscuits, etc.

In addition to the shop, there is a DIY and garden area, as well as an agricultural store selling animal feed, garden objects and native plants.

The shop has not retained any of its original furnishings, as it has recently undergone a complete refurbishment. As a curiosity, it can be said that at the beginning of the 20th century the space where the establishment is located was a dance hall, later it was a cinema and finally, in 1980, it became the headquarters of the Cooperative.

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