Forn i pastisseria Sa Creu

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Forn i pastisseria Sa Creu


This traditional bakery, opened in the mid-20th century, is located in Can Ros street in Alaró.

Forn i pastisseria Sa Creu is a family business run by Catalina Gelabert, the second generation of the family, together with her partner Pau Beltrán. They are dedicated to the traditional production of bread and pastry products with top quality ingredients. Among the bakery’s specialities are Majorcan bread, special breads, pastries such as cardinals, puff pastry, birthday cakes, ensaimadas, and other traditional and modern cakes.

They are all members of the brand “Pa d’Aquí. Forn i tradició”, which distinguishes the establishments with a bakery that make the different types of bread from the Balearic Islands.

The bakery still has some of its original shelves and furniture. Inside, it also offers various food products.

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