Can Gener

Historic Heritage

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Can Gener

Open since 2007, Can Gener is a very well-known grocery shop in Esporales that is committed to providing the best customer service. From the very beginning, it sold food products and produced olive oil during the olive season, from October to January. They still have the olive press at the back of the shop, but it has not been used for fifty years.

Nowadays, it offers customers zero kilometre products, always of the highest quality and freshness. Home delivery is also available.

The shop was founded by Toni Aulí Nadal, the great-grandfather of the current owner, Jaume Aulí, the fourth generation of the family. Nowadays, many people still know them as Can Toni Gener. He remembers how his father, Jordí Aulí, used to deliver bread and milk to people’s homes, like they did in our villages in the 60s and 70s.

At first, deliveries were made by bicycle and, later, in a Citroën. Jaume also explains that during the post-war period, Can Gener was used for smuggling.


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