Can Mavano


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Can Mavano


Vicenç Calafell’s family has been running Can Mavano for four generations, selling groceries.

With the money from the sale of a large estate, Llorenç Sabater was able to buy a manor house in the centre of Esporles, which they renovated. In 1898, they opened a grocery shop called Can Mavano, as it was known by the locals in the village. Later, their daughter Margalida continued running the business.

The shop sold animal feed, sugar, rice, noodles, burballes pasta, aprons, skirts and shirts. Their Roman scales, which weighed in pounds and ounces, the unit of measurement for weighing solids at that time, were an outstanding feature. Many of these scales are still kept today.

The shop opened its doors more than one hundred and twenty years ago on Carrer Nou de Sant Pere and closed down in 2002, when the family of Catalina Rosselló, granddaughter of the founder, sold the house and moved the business to Carrer Francesc de Borja Moll, where Catalina Segura, Vicenç’s wife, currently serves her customers.

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