Forn des Pla de na Tesa


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Forn des Pla de na Tesa


The history of the Forn des Pla de na Tesa begins on 1 July 1899, when it was called Forn de Can Lluc. It was a very small oven that baked bread and ensaimadas (coiled puff pastry) for the houses in the village and the surrounding area. In 1962, Lluc offered the business to his niece and her husband, Maria and Jaume, grandparents of the current owners.  For 23 years, they worked hard to take the first steps of what is now the business, Forn des Pla de na Tesa.

In 1986, their children, Miquel and Antònia Vidal, and their respective partners, Montse Bordoy and Biel Miralles, took over the business. Their enterprising and innovative insight enabled them to transform the oven into a small-scale traditional industry that distributes its products all over the island. The four of them and the workers forming the team in the past and present are the ones who have made Forn des Pla de na Tesa and its brand “Es Forn” what it is today. The third generation, Maties and Jaume Miralles, have been running the bakery and managing the business since January 2020. Their objective is clear: to focus on a traditional and fresh product made with quality environmentally-friendly raw materials. They are committed to tradition, but always accompanied by avant-garde products that ensure that this century-old business continues to be attractive to new generations.

The bakery currently offers products created by Maties Miralles, who trained at the Confectionary School of the Barcelona Guild. In 2012, he was proclaimed best young pastry chef in Spain. He then went to France to fulfil his dream of working in Paris. There he worked under the orders of MOF Chocolatier Patrick Roger and, later, with the pastry chef Claire Damon at Des Gateux et du Pain. A few years ago he decided to return to Mallorca to join the staff in the family business.


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